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The Kindles For Kids Story...

Kindles Schwanz Girls 3When sisters Molly and Madison Schwanz discovered their friend Trevor was diagnosed with Leukemia they were inspired to help. Together they planned and organized a neighborhood lemonade stand to raise money.

Over the course of a few months and with additional funds from friends and neighbors, they collected enough to purchase Trevor an electronic reader to keep him company during treatment. They delivered his “reader” along with a simple note attached letting him know “people were rooting for him and to stay strong.” At the time, he was struggling with treatment and side effects that required numerous hospital stays.  Although too weak to get out of bed or even open the gift, his spirits were tremendously lifted and it supplied him with motivation and encouragement to stay strong.

Dear Santa Letter KindlesAfter seeing and hearing what their gift meant to Trevor and his family on numerous levels, they decided to expand their idea.  Why didn't every kid who was going through cancer treatment deserve this? They wanted others to have the same uplifting experience as Trevor. After months of research, networking and coincidental events, plans were underway to make their dream a reality.  Little did anyone know Molly did her own networking as well. A week before Christmas, she wrote a letter to Santa asking him for only money so she could buy kids going through cancer treatment Kindles.

Kindles For Kids Photo at hospital 2011Her letter had such an impact on her family and friends that they all came together along with others in the community to make “Kindle for Kids” a reality.

Three days before Christmas 2011, Molly and Maddie delivered 40 Kindles to the cancer patients at Phoenix Children’s Hospital.  Their wish is to provide every child undergoing treatment the company of a Kindle and let them know “we’re rooting for them!”

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