The Abe and Max Fund

Arizona Diamondbacks player Willie Bloomquist and his wife Lisa have established the Abe and Max Fund to help raise money to buy electronics and games for Phoenix Children's Hospital. The goal is to give patients, many who are in for weeks at a time, something that entertains and distracts them while they are at the hospital.

Every department is in need of new electronics, from the dialysis center where children have to sit and receive medicine for 3 hours a day 3 times a week to the ER where a game or a movie can distract the child while the doctor is performing a small procedure.

The fund is named after two patients, Abe Speck and Max Marangella.  During each homestand Bloomquist invites a patient from Phoenix Children's to Chase Field.  Abe and Max made a lasting impression on the Bloomquists and inspired them to do more to help the patients at Phoenix Children's.

"We wanted to do something that would be meaningful and impact as many kids as possible. When we heard that there was a huge shortage of electronics for the kids we felt this was a perfect opportunity to make a difference," explains Bloomquist.

The fund has been designed so that anyone in the community can contribute. To join Willie and Lisa in supporting the Abe and Max Fund click here to donate now

Abe's Story

Abe Speck is very familiar with Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Between the ages of 2 and 4 he had stopped growing and had difficulty digesting food properly. With the help of many great specialists, they identified the problem and have helped Abe develop into a healthy and active 12 year-old. 

On June 16, 2011 Abe, his mother Lisa, and his friend Max were invited to be Willie’s guest at Chase Field for a game against the San Francisco Giants. Willie gave them a tour of the clubhouse, had them down of the field for batting practice and gave them some signed memorabilia. Before the game, Speck made a bold prediction that Willie would hit a home run.

What happened that night still puts a smile on Bloomquist’s face. Click here to read the whole story.



Max's Story

Max Marangella has been a resident on and off at Phoenix Children’s Hospital since the day he was born. Max had a congenital heart defect and intestinal issues and has been one of the only living cases with a gene mutation that has forced him to have 39 surgeries. 

Max was invited to be a guest of Willie and meet the rest of the Diamondbacks. As soon as Max stepped into the clubhouse with all the players Willie began introducing Max to the players and he immediately started running down each players statistics and telling them what they should work on and what teams they played for prior to becoming a Dback.

He had a fearless attitude and was almost interviewing the guys about their stats. Willie was impressed with his ruthlessness and the players took a liking to him. Max’s mom Patricia said, “It was a phenomenal experience and is one we will never forget. The Hospital and the Diamondbacks are both important community driven organizations and they willl all ways be a part of our family one way or another.”





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Max Marangella With Willie Bloomquist

Willie Bloomquist with Max Marangella in the dugout before a game at Chase Field.



Willie Bloomquist with Abe Speck

Bloomquist with Abe Speck (on right) with Abe's friend Max Siegel.



Abe with ring

Abe Speck trying on the Diamondback's

World Series ring.



Max Marangella

Max Marangella in the Diamondback's

dugout before the game.

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